MTB Tetraploid - 64cm


(Jim and Vicki CRAIG - Reg. 2006 - Int. 2006 - USA) -  ('Smash' x (('Ting-a-Ling' x ( 'Little Stylist' sibling, x 'Reformation' sibling)) x ((('En Route' x 'Maroon Caper') x ('Chapeau' x ('Sacred Mountain' x I. aphylla "Werckmeister"))) x ('Payoff' x 'Reformation' sibling)))) X ((((('Light Fantastic' x I. aphylla "Van Nes") x ('Flattery' x 'Aphylla Wine-Red')) x 'Departure') x ((seedling #13L1 x (seedling #13L1 x ('Star Child' x ('Sacred Mountain' x I. aphylla "Werckmeister")))) x 'Morning Smile')) x pollen parent of 'Priceless')


A must have for Aphylla breeding / Gènes d'Aphylla 


"Un Sort" en anglais

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