Mariupol - Ukraine 1/5

Gravure - 16cm x 24,cm

À encadrer


For the first inking I used a folded cardboard rectangle, for the second inking a simple acrylate open rectangle, the third inking two engraved acrylate pieces, one rectangular, the other square.  Then i added multicoloured dots with acrylic paint to suggest individuals.


Emotions lead to unknown territories. In front of the disaster happening in Mariupol, this is what came out. 

Like an altar to an absent Holy Mary, leaving the crowd below in despair, except for the ones who believe prayers can lift them up towards hope.


My production is confidential and the  themes are intimate. The painting process is for me a medium for meditation and in this case, maybe prayer.

The integrality of the proceeds will go to the Red-Cross.



€ 30,00

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