Genesis 8-5

Acrylique sur toile, marouflée sur bois - 2022

35cm x 36cm 


From a series about God's promises to Noe after The Flood. Genesis 8-22 : 'As long as the Earth endures, seed time and harvest will never cease'.


Same work as in the 'Moment series', but instead of white the back ground is dark. The result is completely different, the calligraphy reference is gone. I finally was in front of maps of Earth seen from outer space.

With the threat of rising waters looming upon us, God's promises  in Genesis imposed itself over this pessimistic vision, and each of the twelves pieces of this series is related to this passage of hope.


I am no longer a believer, but my religious upbringing is still in the back of my mind and seems an intellectual solace in these hard times.

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