'Force Field'

SDB - 28 cm


(Marky Smith, R. 2009 - USA) -    05-15A:02-14A: (97-17A: ('Rebus' x 94-25E: (91-21E: 'Cupid’s Cup' x 'Fairy Lore') x 92-14: ('Pink Caper' x 'Chanted'))) x 98-15A: (96-20B: (94-26B: (91-21C: ('Cupid's Cup' x 'Fairy Lore') x 91-21B, sibling) x 93-17M: ('Nimble Toes' x 'Motto')) x 'Stormy Circle')) X Baumunk 185G: ('Dinky Circus' x 'Rebus').

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