MTB - Diploid - 60cm  


Midseason bloom. Standards and style arms yellow; falls red-purple, same color radiating veining on white beside beard, shoulder and haft, yellow underside, small yellow border; beards yellow in throat, white tipped yellow in middle, ends same and thin. 


(Loïc TASQUIER - Reg. 2020 - Int. 2020 - NL) - G146C: Look Here X Compère Guilleri: (Bessie Bell: (Fiesta Flirt x High Master) x Clown Pants) 


Sibling to 'Liubov' (frère de semis)


Name in French of the bard of Asterix and Obelix' village in René Goscinny et Albert Uderzo's comic. "Cacophonix' in English.

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