'Akina' (Brillante)

Ji - 60cm - 3 standards and 6 falls


Midseason bloom. Style arms creme, thin light pink-violet border on side and top of crest; falls 6 pieces, pink-violet, thinly veined green acid yellow signal blending into small white zone that radiates into the pink-violet. 


 (Loïc TASQUIER - Reg. 2020 - Int. 2019 - NL) -  E983B: Rose Queen X Light At Dawn 


 Sibling to 'Imako'   (frère de semis à 3 sépales) 

vient d'un croisement 3 sépales X 6 sépales


Enfant 'Brillante' en japonais - Girl's name meaning 'Bright' in Japanese 

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