MTB - Diploid - 52cm


P105D: 'Dark Blue Eyes': (i264A: ('Anne-Tje' :('Redrock Princess' x 'Quagga': ('Bumblebee Deelite' x I. variegata reginae)) x 'Fanfan la Tulipe': ('Bumblebee Deelite' x 'Hot')) x H202: (F741: ('Quagga Sib.B264E: ('Bumblebee Deelite' x I. variegata reginae)x 'Survivor') x 'Ding Dong Bell' Sib.E402C: ('Bessie Bell': ('Fiesta Flirt' x 'High Master') x 'Clown Pants')) x L545A: ( i359A: ('Anne-Tje': ('Redrock Princess' x 'Quagga': ('Bumblebee Deelite' x I. variegata reginae)) x 'Mafioso': ('Staplehurst' x 'Quagga':  ('Bumblebee Deelite' x I. variegata reginae))) X i496A: ('Plum Quirky' x 'Fanfan la Tulipe': ('Bumblebee Deelite' x 'Hot')))


I have developed the parentage so you can explore the work done ...

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